Code Consulting

SMP has extensive Building Code Expertise and much experience with guiding clients through the implications of updating outdated buildings. A preliminary Zoning and Building Code report is generated, as part of every project, including accessibility requirements. SMP design has the experience and depth of knowledge of the various codes, such as building code and life safety code, and has regularly been called upon to consult on complex code issues for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital medical Center. Medical environments are complex and subject to a number of codes and requirements and we have decades of experience negotiating these environments and providing safe and code compliant solutions. SMP design was commissioned by the Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati to extensively document a decommissioned Church and Rectory building & perform a building code analysis in order to allow this religious building to have a future commercial use. SMP helped the Diocese navigate through this change of use process and worked with the City of Cincinnati in order to allow this magnificent building to have a meaningful and productive second life. Our involvement included work required to obtain a zoning variance for a change of use for the church, with documentation of the facility as needed per the variance request. SMP design also provided code consulting for a developer renovating an existing, large apartment complex. In this case, we evaluated current code compliance and provided a recommended path of compliancy for the developer, delivered as a comprehensive report document. We also initiated and led discussions with enforcement officials as we guided the client through the compliancy process. SMP design primarily provides Architectural services in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, but has provided services in locations that have differing and more challenging code requirements such as in Florida.