Most projects are unique, if not once in a lifetime propositions, and most owners do not want to be consumed with the daily operations and management of their projects. The design-build delivery model, frees the owner from day-to-day management of the project, contributing to a more exciting and rewarding experience.

We love to build what we design, so let’s explore how design-build makes sense for your project.

We offer design and construction expertise under one roof. The partnership between SMP design and SMP construction, enables a complete and highly integrated design-build process for “turn-key” project delivery.

Together, we are your project partner from start to finish – that means from the initial idea generated on paper to the last touch-up stroke of paint on a wall. We offer a “one stop shop” for our clients, a single-source responsibility for the delivery and quality of the entire project. Close collaboration between designers and builders in an integrated team setting, greatly increases the quality and success of any construction project. In this project delivery method, design professionals and contractors are on the same team, aligned with a common purpose. This delivery model enables streamlined direct communication – the primary recipe for success.

We truly believe that an integrated process is a more efficient process. Not only do we monitor and test your budget as we work through design, but are able to actively plan and manage the construction phase from a very early stage in the project. This includes resolving site logistics, construction schedules, and material lead-times before they become issues. The result, is a more cost effective and synchronized experience for your project.