In our design process, we leverage the power of three-dimensional digital modeling to tell the stories that can’t be told on paper.

Using modeling software such as SketchUp, we are able to communicate the design intent at every stage of the design process, from a basic representation of forms to a fully rendered and animated virtual environment. We use digital modeling as a design tool, allowing us to study the massing of building forms as they interact with the topography of the site. We incorporate our early models into powerful geo-mapping platforms such as Google Earth, in order to explore the building in its context and setting, and to simulate actual views to and from the project. This allows the owner to also virtually explore and “spin-around” the project online with a click of a link. A typical owner meeting includes spinning around a model and viewing it from a variety of vantage points, with the ability to test options in the room.

We offer highly rendered views and animations using powerful software that adds to the capabilities of SketchUp. Where we can simulate actual light fixture outputs, material behaviors, and the effects of direct or ambient natural light. In addition, we offer fully animated video sequences that are fully produced as well as set to music or narration.

Whether your project is designed by SMP or others, we have the capability to provide high resolution images of fully rendered environments and animation that may be used to market, sell a project, or clearly communicate the design intent of a project.