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Boone County Animal Shelter

Client: Boone County, Kentucky
Date: Currently in Funding Stage
Services: Feasibility Study, Master-Planning, Facility Planning, & Concept
Project Size: 18,600 SF
Components: Housing for Dogs, Cats, & small mammals, Administrative & Support Space, Veterinary Clinic, Surgery Suite, Sally Port, Conference/ Education Space
Project Description: Our feasibility study included master-planning a large site for a complex of varied functions, with customer services, workplace, healthcare, and hospitality functionality to ultimately care for the needs of the four-legged guests. The emphasis was on a welcoming environment to encourage a pleasant adoption experience as well as a serene environment for the animals housed in this facility (primarily dogs, cats, and large mammals). In addition to comprehensive campus and building planning, Room Data Sheets were generated in order to understand equipment and infrastructure requirements on each space. Access to natural light and exterior play/ exercise areas was an important driver for a stimulating environment for the animals and staff.